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What is Counselling Support for Clients?

Counselling Support for Clients (CSC) is a way for clients of Fresh Start Support Services to get financial assistance for counselling services with a registered counsellor or psychotherapist. This may be beneficial to clients who are looking to seek professional help with overcoming past trauma, working through difficulties in their life or who may be looking for a safe space to share their struggles.

How do I use CSC?

Clients are required to select a counsellor from our list provided. Once a client has found the right counsellor for them from the list, it is their responsibility to setup an appointment and submit the attached form to Fresh Start. Once approved, Fresh Start will cover the cost of five sessions per client. However, clients are required to pay $20 per session.

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List of Approved Counsellors

Text Michelle at Discover Psychotherapy at 226-235-9921 with your First and Last Name and Phone Number

Michelle Virdee (St. Thomas)

Registered Nurse Psychotherapist

In Person & Virtual

Email Carrie at with First and Last Name and Phone Number

Carrie Parker (St. Thomas)

Registered Social Worker

In Person & Virtual

Call 1-800-265-4305

Violence Against Women (St. Thomas)

Abuse Counselling

In Person 

Reach out to Insight Counselling Elgin by completing the contact form at

Insight Counselling Elgin (St. Thomas)

Registered Psychotherapists 

In Person & Virtual

Email Nancy at

Nancy Dueck (Aylmer)

Registered Psychotherapist

In Person Only (taxi transportation provided)

Contact reception via or by Phone at 905-684-9333

ATTCH (Niagara)

Specialized in Trauma & Attachment

Virtual Only


To apply for Counselling Support for Clients (CSC) please fill out the form below:





am agreeing to participate in counselling with

funded in part by Fresh Start Support services to a 

maximum contribution of 5 sessions. I understand that I am required to pay $20 per session for Michelle Virdee, Carrie Parker, Nancy Dueck, and Insight Counselling Elgin, to be paid after each session. I understand that this counselling is being provided independent of Fresh Start Support Services, and is not affiliated with Fresh Start Support Services.


Thanks for submitting!
We’ll be in contact with your regarding your application.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Bernardo at or 519-636-6213.

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