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Thank you for filling out an application to Fresh Start's Family Giving Fund.  Fresh Start receives donations from people living in the community who want to help make a difference in your family's lives.  We are happy to be able to give these to you!

The personal information you provide in this application is used to contact you, confirm the personal information provided, and to determine what items you are in need of.

Your private information is used in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  All of your personal information that is collected is available only to authorized Fresh Start employees that are involved in the Family Giving Fund and is not shared with any other party.  Due to the Family Giving Funds' reporting needs, Fresh Start may need to share your name and the items you received to our funder, the City of St Thomas, and our auditor, Graham Scott Enns, as proof of proper  fiscal management of the Family Giving Fund.

By completing and submitting this form, you are giving consent for Fresh Start to collect this information. 




Are you in need of practical items?

As an early years-focused organization, our Family Giving Fund helps provide practical items to young families with children aged 0-6, that may be in need of some financial relief. 


  1. Receiving a package from Fresh Start's Family Giving Fund is based on  package availability.

  2. Application approval may take up to one week.

  3. Applicants must live in Elgin County.

  4. Applicant must pick up package from Fresh Start.

  5. Once a package is collected, it cannot be returned, exchanged or  substituted. 

  6. Applicants can apply to the Family Giving Fund once every 6 months. 


Fresh Start has a number of packages available in the Family Giving Fund.  We will do our best to provide specific brand options, but might not be able to match your requests due to availability.

What is your current housing status?
Choose your preferred package:

Thanks for submitting!
We'll be in touch shortly.

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