Mother and Baby

Self & Co-Regulation Program

April 25th - May 30th, 2022

Program Details

Location: 797 Talbot Street, St. Thomas

Times: 12pm - 2pm

Who should attend: Parents or guardians who have children under 6 years of age. 

How to register: To register, please email by Tuesday, April 19th. 

Dates: Mondays from April 25th to May 30th           

Cost: Free

In this six-week parenting program participants will have opportunities to explore the brain science behind self and co-regulation. Self and co-regulation, across the lifespan, and their linkage to relationships and parenting will be explored. The impact of stress on self and co-regulation, as well as strategies to increase regulatory capacity will be foundational to this parenting program.


Learning Objectives of the Program:

  • Describe the brain science of self and co-regulation.

  • Identify how self and co-regulation is related to prenatal, postnatal, child and adult development.

  • Examine how self and co-regulation inform relationships and parenting.

  • Analyse how stress impacts self and co-regulation.

  • Develop preventative strategies to minimize dysregulation and maximize self and co-regulation.

  • Discover sensory-based regulatory strategies for oneself and one’s infant.